All of the content on this Fighting Parkinson’s Drug Free website is free to you, including the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® which is my methodology of recovery. Also, subscription to receive email notifications of blog updates is provided to you at no cost by simply filling in the form at the bottom right-hand side of this page.

It has been suggested to me to provide a Donate link so that people who wanted to assist me by donating to the cause of keeping our recovery message alive would have an opportunity to do so. Also, it was explained to me that people who have been helped by the Recipe may want to donate something to say thanks.

As a result, I have decided to place a donation link on the website. Please know the following: If you click the “Donate” link below, the “amount of donation” box is blank, so you may decide how much to donate. It is a one-time donation; I did not set this up as a recurring obligation. If you wish in the future to donate again, you may click the link again. Nobody is obligated to click the “Donate” link below. You still will have full access to everything on this website at no cost, including the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® and your subscription to receive blog update notifications. Finally, your donation will be to Fighting Parkinson’s Drug Free, Inc., which is a for-profit corporation incorporated in the State of Florida, USA, so your donation is not tax deductible. Here is the link:

Donations may be mailed to:
Fighting Parkinson’s Drug Free, Inc.
58395 Lindsay LN
Warren, OR 97053

Thank you.

All my best,



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