Picture Gallery

We have formed an incredible Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® worldwide support group. For many years, people have kept in contact through the comments on the blog. In this delightful way, we have become friends. Below are those who have sent in pictures to be included in this gallery so we can put faces with names. You may click on any picture to get a bigger, clearer view. My intention is for this picture gallery to continue to grow. If you would like your picture included, please email it to me at

Sally and Howard

Penny and Ray Wassman



Karen in Ireland

Karen and Don in Texas

Helen in Australia

Christiane in Germany


Mike from Denver



Rick D in Seattle

Rainer in Germany

Jimmy in Mexico

Carmel (and daughter Georgina) from Australia

Enéas in Germany

Zeljko in Croatia


Pat in Florida

Tery and Werni Brun from Switzerland


Trish in Colorado

Kjell in Sweden

Lisa in Colorado Springs

Bob in Texas

Leontina in Romania

Linda and Dave

Beverly in North Carolina


Veronica Urquhart in Australia

Smita in India


Susana L in Florida

Mårthen from Sweden

Mari and Howard at the Oregon Garden on Mari’s recent trip from Hawaii to Oregon


Birthe, her daughter Heidi, and Howard at their recent visit to Sally and Howard’s home


Howard was visiting Oregon recently and met up with Howard

Gill and her daughter Kate

Marie and Howard in Marie’s garden

Waseema in England

Chuck R and his wife Stacie in Kentucky

Nora and David

Bailey and David

Jeff and Howard at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

Sally, Meredith, and Howard at the Portland Japanese Garden

Melanie S

Jan and Alex – UK

Gary and Howard at Howard’s house during Gary’s recent visit to Oregon

Elaine biking at Bayfront

Karin from the Netherlands


Mona and Nirbhay, India

Dianna in Wyoming

Rick and his daughter Tayla

Roland from Austria

Glen and Buddy

Glen and Buddy

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