Fighting Parkinson’s, and a mid-year renewal of faith

Happy Mid- Year, 2021!!! As we are just beyond the mid-year 2021, I feel that this is a good time to remind everybody of where we started this year. It began on January 1, 2021 with this — “For each and every one of you, this is a new year, a new breath of fresh air, and a new outlook: 2021…the year of faith!”

As we just stepped beyond the mid-year, a review of where we began the year is a good place to land today. Sometimes, it appears as if nothing is changing with the Parkinson’s; day after day, it seems like every day is the same. This is not true.

Today, when you re-read the blog posts listed below, you will realize that so many things have occurred in your life and your recovery over the last six months that it would make your head spin just trying to think of them all. Instead of having your head spin, just sit back, inhale a deep relaxing breath, and have faith in your life and in your recovery.

Please remember that the Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery® is a soul, mind, and body recovery protocol. I do not feel that the soul is touched by Parkinson’s. However, I feel that the soul is negatively impacted by how people feel about themselves and their situation. The soul is covered up by the toxicity of Parkinson’s in how it impacts the mind and the body.

Please re-read the January blog posts from this year. As you soak them in, do your best, even in these extreme temperatures with increased symptoms, to keep your faith strong:

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Fighting Parkinson’s, and sitting and being
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At the end for the first post of the year, I wrote:

Feeling Alive In The Heart!

Do not look into the future to determine if you have faith in yourself to reach the end of the journey, your cure. Find faith inside yourself and feel alive in your heart, to do your best, and to stay in the moment. You do not control the future. You control what you are doing NOW! Open your heart to yourself, feel alive in your heart, and know that you will be cured one day. That is faith!

2021…the year of faith. Choose it!


Okay! Now, here we are, six months later. Have you had faith in your life and your recovery over the last six months? Have you looked your Parkinson’s in the eyes and said, “I have faith that even though my life had gotten out of balance, that I am re-balancing my soul, mind, and body, so pack your bags, I am preparing to be finished with you”?

Although it may seem like nothing has changed over the last six months, please remember that everything changes all the time, even if your ego mind is trying to keep you in the illusion that nothing has changed.

So, if you have wavered or lost your way or stopped having faith over these last six months, no big deal…that is the past and it is over.

What are you doing right now, today!! Today is here, yesterday is over. No shame, no blame, no guilt. Today:

For our mid-year renewal of faith, let’s chant this together for the whole world to hear:

“I am filled with FAITH!

I am Feeling Alive In The Heart!

I am Feeling Awake In The Heart!

I am Feeling Aware In The Heart!

I am worth it!!!”

All my best,


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17 Responses to Fighting Parkinson’s, and a mid-year renewal of faith

  1. Kevin C says:

    This week’s blog is very timely for me. I needed a reminder to have FAITH. Two weeks ago was one of the best for me with my PD. This week has been a struggle physically and mentally. There is a need to re-center myself.

    Thank you Howard for remaining constant and for the right blog at the right time.

  2. Margaret says:

    Happy New half of 2021!!! Thank you Howard for a beautiful post and reminders
    I know I am getting better, each time I read something I’ve read before it hits me in a new way eg. living in the NOW has a totally different impact on me now than when I first encountered it. I think I finally get it and it feels very freeing!!!!
    Have a beautiful weekend my fellow warriors xo

  3. Petra says:

    When you lose your track, you can always start again. Don’t be disappointed in yourself so that you think: I’d better quit.
    But every time you start it has all the legacy to join, so why be disappointed when you lose track: start again as you did the first time. You have always a reason to go on!


  4. Tery and Wetni says:

    Yes, you all are right and as Howard tells us, our mind is strong and we need to have faith…. but we have to admit this is not always easy, many thanks for your
    encouragement, dear Howard!!

  5. Dora says:

    Thank you for stressing the need to stay positive,something I need to work a well known qigong master says:where the mind goes the chi flows.HAOLA!

  6. Val H says:

    This mid-year renewal of faith couldn’t be timelier for me. On June 20, I marked two years since I started doing the Recipe and the thought of going into a third year was gut-wrenching. I have asked myself: What more do I need to do to ‘qualify’ for recovery?
    My attitude is that I can keep going indefinitely as long as I know I will definitely be healed one day and, of course, I DON’T know that. None of us does – and that’s where the faith comes in.
    I wish I could be more relaxed about doing the Recipe, rather than embracing it with such be-all and end-all intensity that I am probably neutralising the benefits. At 64, I am worried that my life will be over before I have had chance to live it again without Parkinson’s.
    I can’t pretend I’d be happy if I had to wait a lifetime for my Parkinson’s recovery. But as Howard said in his New Year’s Day blog: ‘Just because your Parkinson’s did not end in 2020 does not mean it cannot end in 2021.’
    The challenge for me in the second half of 2021 is to live life anyway and not discount it, even if it’s a Parkinson’s life.
    In this, I draw inspiration from the wonderful Captain Tom Moore, whose time didn’t come until the last year of his life.
    He aimed to raise £1,000 for the NHS by doing 100 laps of his garden by his 100th birthday but the world fell in love with him, as I did, and he ended up raising £33million from all corners of the globe.
    This was an ordinary, humble man who fought in the jungles of Burma in the Second World War, took on various jobs in civvy street, stayed in a sexless marriage for years out of loyalty and then did right by his second wife when she developed dementia.
    He would have mattered even if he had remained anonymous. But out of the pitch darkness, as the pandemic took hold, suddenly his light flared up and shone as brightly and as briefly as the most dazzling pyrotechnic.
    Most people will have heard his mantra: ‘Tomorrow will be a good day.’
    But what really impressed me is that while he was having the time of his life – feted by celebrities, knighted by the Queen, adored by everyone from children to pensioners – he didn’t complain that it had all come too late, when he was running out of time; he simply stated: ‘So, even if tomorrow is my last day, if all those I loved are waiting for me, then that tomorrow will be a good day, too.”
    May YOUR tomorrow be a good day.

    • Noel O says:

      Love your posts on this blog, Val H, very inspirational.
      Noel from Australia

    • Neville S says:

      Spot on. I had similar mid year thoughts a couple of days ago. Dealt with them, dropped them into the trash.

    • Rick says:

      You’re a true warrior Val 😀😀😀😀😀

      • Val H says:

        Thank you, Rick, Neville and Noel, for your feedback. And thanks to everybody who’s sharing this journey. I value all the comments in response to Howard’s invaluable blogs as it’s great to know that we’re not fighting this disease in a vacuum and that there’s always scope for something good to happen, like Marie’s turtle. Thanks to you guys, and with Howard’s help, I will get back in the fray.
        I’m grateful and I feel supported. Val

  7. Rick says:

    Yay, 7 months now doing the recovery and feeling full of faith . Yes my symptoms have increased slightly but this is not stopping me , I will keep doing the recipe until
    my Parkinson’s disappears how ever long that is , I have nothing to lose . Thank you Howard for this timely message , priceless. love to everyone and let’s be a shining light to the world
    Rick from Australia 😀😀😀

  8. Chris says:

    For me faith is believing I could break into an even stride with strength and confidence at any moment. My mind wants me to believe this is naïve and irresponsible. I am telling my mind to take a hike!

  9. Marie W says:

    Hello Fellow Warriors,
    It is an amazing time to live in the moment. I can’t wait to hear a victorious recovery. Howard, thanks for reminding us to stay in faith, each and every person is worth it.

    This morning, I said a prayer asking the Lord to show me a sign if I was on the right track with my recovery. Later today, while I was cleaning out a bird house, I saw a box turtle about 8 feet away. She had just finished laying eggs. What are the odds that I would be outside in that specific location that I would see that particular creature. I believe it was a sign. A beautiful sign that spoke to me saying stay on this course, keep doing what you are doing. You know its the slow, steady, and persistent movement of the turtle that wins the race. Keep the faith, it will happen sooner that we think.

    With Love
    Marie in SC

  10. Ray says:

    This will be the 8th month since starting my cure. My symptoms suddenly got worse after 5 months and got really bad this last week. That is where PD has made its fatal mistake. It has tried too hard to break my faith but just increased my faith instead. Bless you Howard and all my friends on this journey. Hang in there together. We will prevail. Haola.

  11. Rabindar says:

    The point Howard made “The soul is covered up by the toxicity of Parkinson’s in how it impacts the mind and the body.” is real. But with FAITH and with encouragement from Howard and fellow warriors I can feel faith inside me and feel alive in my heart.
    I will do my best, to stay in the moment.

  12. Ola says:

    LOL!!!! …. “so, you can pack your bags” Mr. Parkinson’s!!! Love it! Thank you Howard for making me 🤣

    At the beginning of 2021 my ratio of faith to fear was 50/50, today is 98/2 even that my symptoms are raging! I am grateful!
    Thank you Howard for your relentless love and support 🙏🏻

    Much love to all,


  13. Uwe says:

    Hallo everyone, I am now in my 16th month of the recovery. Thank you Howard for the reminder of Faith. I know the day of my recovery is coming. I have faith from the moment I get up until I go to bed. PD does not have any power over my body. Besides of doing the recipe, meditation and working I fill every minute playing chess. I figured this is a great distraction and when I play I don’t give PD any thought, because I have given it to much attention already. I believe in myself, in you all and the recovery. Thank you God, Thank you all, thank you Howard. I am worthy.

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